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Experience the latest addition to the world of TOOTH GEMS! Sparkle By Maya's Sterilising Box is the ultimate solution for small equipment sterilisation. It's designed to sanitise your metal implements & tools, as well as keep your 18k gold tooth charms & Swarovski crystals sparkling clean & extra shiny!

Bonus, it's SUPER easy to use & a fast way to sanitise your tools!

How does it work?

1. Pour alcohol or disinfectant inside the sterilising box.

2. Place products in sanitising basket. 

3. Close the lid & sterilise for 5 minutes.

4. Take out the products & wipe dry. 

5. Enjoy sparkling, sterilised products!


Outside: 210mm x 120mm x 55mm

Sanitising basket: 182mm x 110mm x 40mm

Please note that this product is a soaking box & does not require a powerpoint, USB connection or batteries to operate. 


Sparkle By Maya is the first salon to exist in Australia, dedicated entirely to cosmetic Teeth Whitening and Tooth Gem Treatments. Maya and her team specialise in performing the safest, yet most effective Cosmetic Teeth Treatments.

Our Cosmetic Teeth experts work with the highest quality equipment and products, to ensure instant, safe and effective results. The sole focus of Sparkle By Maya is to provide all clients, customers and wholesalers with an unforgettable and welcoming experience.

Moreover, Sparkle By Maya is now a household name - Maya is known worldwide for her education courses travelling all over to teach Sparkle By Maya’s sought after method and is currently Australia’s first and largest combined teeth whitening and tooth gem supplier.

Customer reviews
Amazing support and great communication. The team is amazing highly recommend Sparkle By Maya for all your purchases. I did the Gem course and Teeth Whitening course and absolutely loved it. Don’t look any further than these guys
— Marie Baldari
She is amazing! I ordered off her website and ended up being sent the wrong gemstones but she was kind enough to express ship the original ones I ordered and an extra one for free. I highly recommend :)
— Terina Hiko
Maya & her team are a dream to be around and work with. Their skills are unbelievable and they extremely professional. They've become like family & I always look forward to my appointments
— The Black Book Sydney
I done the teeth whitening white and gem course and can honestly say it was amazing it was easy to understand everything was explained really well the support was a 10/10 and the kit can with everything to help get started I'm so happy I done this course with sparkle by Maya. Highly recommend
— Jessica Harland