Hello, and welcome to Sparkle By Maya! 

Established in early 2017, Maya is the owner and operator of Sparkle By Maya Pty Ltd. Maya’s love for beauty began at a young age, when she first undertook a Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy. At the age of 16, Maya worked in a busy beauty salon, specialising in eyebrows, make up and facials! Her desire for oral hygiene and dental care led her to start experimenting on her own teeth, attempting to figure out how she could provide herself with the whitest smile possible. After realising that there was a gap in the beauty industry, Maya undertook studies to become a qualified teeth whitening technician in order to provide the best teeth whitening service in Sydney.

 Since 2018, Maya has been offering comprehensive, world renowned cosmetic teeth whitening workshops, travelling all over Australia to teach Sparkle By Maya’s sought after method. In 2019, Maya furthered her skills and embarked on international studies with multiple dentists and dental professionals, to learn and perfect the art of tooth gems. After a year and a half in the making, Sparkle By Maya introduced tooth gem services, tooth gem online training courses and tooth gem workshops to Australia, leading the industry with a new and forthcoming service. 

Sparkle By Maya grew developed and opened Australia’s first salon dedicated exclusively to cosmetic teeth treatments. Sparkle By Maya has rapidly expanded online wholesaling and supplying other professionals in the field with her sought out products for Teeth Whitening and Tooth Gem products around the world!

Now a household name, Maya is known worldwide for her online education courses. Allowing students all over the globe to undertake a new business venture, or introduce a new service to their existing business. Not to mention, Sparkle By Maya is Australia’s largest teeth whitening and tooth gem supplier, ensuring that students and customers all over the globe, can enjoy the safest, most effective products at unbeatable prices. 

Maya, along with her professional team of experts, thrive on providing clients with excellent results, and students with an abundance of confidence and knowledge. 

Because life is too short to not live it smiling! 


Enjoy advanced cosmetic teeth whitening and tooth gem treatments at the Sparkle by Maya salon today. Located in Silverwater, Sydney Australia. Maya and the team thrive to provide all clients with a comfortable and luxurious experience.


Sparkle By Maya is Australia’s largest teeth whitening and tooth gem wholesaler. Supplying only the most effective & safest teeth cosmetic products to salons and professionals globally. Enjoy discounted wholesale products by the professionals them self.


At Sparkle By Maya we pride ourselves on providing students with a knowledgeable, engaging and insightful experience - with ongoing support and lifetime mentorship, ensuring your success every step of the way. We've created an educational experience to suit everyone from in person group workshops, 1:1 training and online courses.