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We want you to GLOW with SPARKLE BY MAYA!

Introducing our latest release in our Tooth Gem range, PRECIOSA NEON ORANGE TOOTH GEMS!

We have 6 Hot colours ready to make your tooth POP with colour like never before at your next event or festival. Our NEON CRYSTALS are lead free, no silver backing and glow in the dark once a UV light hits the crystal making you the centre of attention in any room. What a vibe! 

Why not match your next outfit with a NEON colour from our new PRECIOSA NEON TOOTH GEM range.

Quantity: 10 pieces per pack

Size: 2.8mm

Please note: Colours may vary between images and product. The UV light does reflect at the highest point on the gem however is not completely guaranteed you will get the full glow or any glow based on certain colours.